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Five Reasons to Prioritize Spend on Website UX Design

Five Reasons to Prioritize Spend on Website UX Design

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1. Amending website design costs time and money

1. Amending website design costs time and money

Website building is an exciting but money-consuming process so it's crucial to get things done right the first time.

If it turns out to be a failure, you'll likely accrue UX debt (tech debt). Therefore, professional expertise must be consulted. Engages in constant testing, tweaking, and checking to ensure no pitfalls.

Moreover, you'll need to re-design your website at certain intervals because new UX trends will arise. Don't put your business in a vulnerable position.


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2. Fulfilling UX generates consumer loyalty

Did you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to enerate repeat business from a current one?

If your UX design provides a simple, hassle-free approach for your clients, they're far more likely to stick with you. Make brand loyalty a priority.


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3. Superior UX saves your business time

By having a superior website UX design you can save time for both yourself and potential clients:

  • Strategically located FAQ pages to address common queries
  • Chatbot software to manage initial user questions
  • A straightforward path down the sales funnel to take payments that cuts out middlemen
  • Contact forms that allow users to contact you through automated means thus cutting own on phone calls. 

A superior UX can ensure that automated website interactions are a pleasure rather than a chore. 


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4. Website UX and SEO go hand-in-hand

All roads begin with Google in the modern world, which means that your quality score needs to be on-point to enjoy SEO success. Solid and appealing UX will reap the rewards of a solid SEO strategy.

Having a messy, poorly-designed website does that does not satisfy the core tenets of great UX is more likely to fall into the dreaded 15-second rule therefore SEO scores plummet and website rankings go down.


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5. Superior UX design increases conversions

A superior UX may not lead to an immediate conversion, but it raises the chances of making an eventual sale.

Consider the journey of your customer and potential customers. Having a superior UX design will help establish a connection with them. You do your prospects no harm by building a bond through efficiency and helpful website UX. 


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