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Whatever,you have learned about money in life are wrong

Whatever,you have learned about money in life are wrong

"Rich are getting richer and poorer are getting poorer"- a phrase sucks at times and a curse. But, before we begin you must face the truth that is we all can earn as much as money as we want and wherever we want. The real reason lies beneath the surface-where we don't seem to care it exist and that is our own foundation.


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Think about  this instant, what your parent said when you said 'dad, mom I need money-Please! take a break and think about this deeply. Cause, that is where the answer lies. Maybe they said 'Son!' we don't have money to buy that or we are poor-or we are rich or so and so.


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Your  parent were your mentor in your early days, when you were young. But, soon you grow old and what seem word at the beginning -became permanent mark in your mind till dead. Most people, never seem to go out of their old  believe or challenge their old believe - they fear, they will lose everything if they do -so they remain there forever trap. Than came, these people who make only 1% of population earning in Billions  in a month, in a hour, in a minute. And we call them lucky! (They make all sort of risk, losing it all and getting them back it all )


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Your earning capacity will depend on these following points:-

1. Hereditary: It is scientifically proved that you're likely to go in a profession. Where you are parents were. But, this does not mean that you will follow the same out dated tradition over and over again. Some time, you will have to step back and think and question are they really right for me.


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[Rich Dad and Poor Dad] written by Robert T. Kiyosaki Book emphasis on how our mindset shape by our parents' words- and we live a life of pay to pay check. The book, revolved around two Dad's advice one poor and another Rich. And how they talked about money- one say Rich are greedy other say make money work for you.


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2. Find Problem: Uber was born out of a problem from a two person who failed to find a taxi to get back to hotel. Problems are always there what you have to do is just observed and fixed it. More problems you'll solved more money you will start to pour in . Now, you might say than why? labour who are working in road are not rich because that problems are small and can be solved by anyone.


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3. Income sources: More Income sources you have more money will come pouring in. That is why rich get richer and poorer get poorer. Because rich has multiple sources of income. Think of Elon, how on earth he became richest person on planet. Because he has multiple  sources of income coming in from all direction. This apply to more bigger problem you will solved more money will come in return.


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