How the 21/90 rule helps you build good habits and a better life - CapeSpace - Deepstash
How the 21/90 rule helps you build good habits and a better life - CapeSpace

How the 21/90 rule helps you build good habits and a better life - CapeSpace

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The 21/90 Rule - How to create lasting change

We all want to make good habits, whether it’s in business, in our hobbies, or in our personal lives. One popular method to build habits is called the 21/90 rule. The rule is simple enough.

Commit to a personal or professional goal for 21 straight days . After three weeks, the pursuit of that goal should have become a habit. Once you’ve established that habit, you continue to do it for another ninety days. If you can keep up something for three weeks and then ninety days, then it should become a permanent lifestyle change.


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What to Change? - Identifying what to change

This suggestion is based on an idea from the blog Positive Game of Life. Find three things in your life that need the most work, whether they deal with relationships, your stress levels, your finances, or your health. Focus first on the one that is most important to you. Work at it just a little bit every day. Always do something to try and bring you towards that goal.

At the end of the three weeks and ninety days, you can move onto the next of the three, then repeat the process. You will likely find yourself making progress without becoming overwhelmed.


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