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Habits can be transformative. - Little by little, day by day we can crack the code of the change we want to manifest in our lives. We like to think about habits because habits are actions. - Habits are the outward behaviors we integrate into our lives. Topics like mental health and self-awareness aren’t as tangible. - But most of the time we find our habits are unconscious. They’re on autopilot. We are “creatures of habit” as we say.


Six Thoughts for Using Habits to Your Advantage

Six Thoughts for Using Habits to Your Advantage


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Turn your habit into your identity

You’re not just trying to start running; you are a runner. You’re not just trying not to smoke; you’re a nonsmoker.

This is a mindset, a mental shift, a decision toward resiliency. It’s also one small shift in thinking that can pay big results. This is part of the inner work.

Your habit needs to be completely you.

You do it for yourself because you want to do it, regardless of what others want you to do.

If you have a good reason behind why you’re developing a habit, and if you intend for the habit to be sustainable and ongoing, it helps to recognize that within you is the person you are becoming.

Reframe Your Habits As Rituals

You may find that it helps you sustain your behavior patterns by thinking of them as rituals instead of habits. It’s a small reframe, but perhaps the idea of doing something ritualistically gives you a more spiritual or sacred purpose behind your motives for sustained change.



In many cases, your habits, however positive and meaningful, have to take up their residence in your lifestyle at some point in time. In other words, habits force you to choose what you aren’t going to be doing instead at that time. Not only do they require choices be ...

There is no magic number for how long it will take for a habit to develop.

We all want a magic pill that will give us the perfect focus we need when we need it, and we also want a magic number. There is no magic number for how long it will take for a habit to develop. That depends on the nature of the habit, the resiliency of the person, and the context of the person’s ...

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