Why Is Negative Comparison Vs Positive Comparison is So Famous? - Deepstash
Why Is Negative Comparison Vs Positive Comparison is So Famous?

Why Is Negative Comparison Vs Positive Comparison is So Famous?

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Why Is Negative Comparison Vs Positive Comparison is So Famous?

Why Is Negative Comparison Vs Positive Comparison is So Famous?

What we know, from the latest research is that comparison only makes you feel bad about yourself.

Most people what they do is that they get trapped in this vicious circle of comparison throughout their life. Without even realizing that they are killing their own self slowly. Because when you are comparing yourself, especially in a negative way you are not growing. My friend you are only making yourself, feel worst. Casey Neistat  (Famous YouTuber and Vlogger ) once said " There will be always someone who is better than you - you can only be the hardest working person in the room"


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On the other side, Positive comparatively - boosts your confidence as it does not lower you are confident because -  you are saying those positive words that will make you feel good, not bad. When you make a positive comparison you are finding good things about yourself. You are not finding lack or the things you don't have. You are brain going to work the way you use it - If you search what is bad for you. It's going to give you all sorts of bad things just to prove its point. The same goes for finding good things about yourself.  


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Let's sum up:-

My media company is almost 8 years old and what I have found is that the media company which has started before me has more followers and has more team members, earnings,s and facilities than me.


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Here is how my negative comparison will look like I will feel bad that they have all sorts of facilities despite starting from just a few years ago and what next, my confidence will go down and I will give up. On the other side, a positive comparison will not make me feel worse, here is what I am going to say. So, what even if they are newcomers, so what even if, they have all sorts of facilities that I don't have. I have something they don't have that is I am talented, I have experience of many years in this media field. I am hardworking and versatile.


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