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Developing a social media strategy for your freelance business

Developing a social media strategy for your freelance business


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Developing a social media strategy for your freelance business

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Find your niche

Finding your niche audience can help your social media presence gain traction. It builds a community of people that have the same thing in common that will share your posts, communicate with one another, and provide prospective clients.

Find your niche by doing research:

  • Put together a word cloud of what your freelance business is trying to achieve and words that appeal to your targeted demographic.
  • Once you have a list of about 10 words or phrases, build a 'hashtag ladder'.


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  • You can find your hashtags from your word cloud. Start by breaking the phrases into single words to find the tags, then add emojis or a second word to see what's trending.
  • Include your city initials in the tags or other relevant holidays celebrated that day.
  • Use Instagram or Twitter to find popular hashtags. Type one hashtag at a time to see how relevant it is. If the most recent is from a few years ago, change the phrasing or add an emoji.


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A hashtag ladder strategy is having a set of 30 hashtags ranging from easy to difficult to rank for. Start with popular results for the easy ones, get some engagement, rank for the more difficult ones, get more engagement, and move up the ladder.

  • Start with two hashtags that have been used 1M times, three that are in the 50,000 - 100,000 range, the next three in the 10,000 range, and two will be your business' unique and personal hashtags.
  • Look at your competitors and see how you could make yours unique.
  • Keep a hashtag bank of 30-40 hashtags so you can switch out underperforming tags.


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Once you are confident in your ladder strategy, the next step is to find the language and tone of your channel - similar to social brand guidelines for yourself.

To find your brands voice:

  • Explain your brand/objective in three to five words.
  • What three words do you not want your channel to say?
  • What do your offer that is unique?

Tailor your voice to match your audience. Do you want your channel to be playful, charming, confident, edgy? 


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