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Email Templates You Can Use To Pitch To New Clients

Email Templates You Can Use To Pitch To New Clients

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Writing better emails

Writing better emails

The most effective way to find freelance projects is to use job boards and contact clients directly by email. Ensure to follow email etiquette.

  • Use a clear subject line. Keep the subject line short and to the point. E.g. "Regarding your Craiglist Ad."
  • Don't send to multiple recipients, as you may end up modifying the content for a group.
  • Personalise your mail. Address by name and ensure you spell the name correctly.
  • Include your signature at the bottom of your email, contact information and links to your LinkedIn profile and websites.
  • Keep follow-up emails to a minimum.


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Freelance email template for web designers

Hi [Client’s name],

I came across your job posting on [name of the website] where you said you're looking for a web designer.

I've worked with great brands and small businesses over the past [number] years, including [mention names of your previous clients with links to websites].


You can check out some of my work on my portfolio at [link to your portfolio].

I have a few ideas on how to approach your job on designing the website. If you're interested, I'd love to discuss more details.

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]


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Freelance email template for graphic designers

Hi [Client’s name],

I saw your job opening [name of the website], where you are looking for [ ].

I’ve been doing graphic design work for [number] years. Recently, I designed a logo for [name of the company]. You can see it at [link to website].

Have a look at some of my previous designs on my portfolio at [link to your portfolio].

I read through your job description and the business website, and I already have a few good ideas for the logo design. If you could send in more details and the requirements, I’d be happy to [list what you can do].

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]


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Freelance email template for developers

Hi [Client’s name],

My name is [ ], and I was browsing [name of the website]. I’ve been using your online tool, and I love how it allows users to [mention a good feature about the tool].

The one thing that frustrated me was that I couldn’t access your service on my phone. I came up with a great design and a plan to develop an Android app for your service. If you’re interested, I’d love to share some of the details.

My most recent work was [link and name of an app]. Check out my portfolio for more info [link to portfolio website].


Kind regards,

[Your email signature]


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