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Career growth is about more than titles

Career growth is about more than titles

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Growing toward company goals

Growing toward company goals

Before you grow, you have to know what your company is trying to grow toward. If you want to grow, make sure the things you do are going to help your company on its mission

Say no to the work that doesn't get that rocket flying in the right direction. Say yes to the work that does. With good leadership, the things you do every day should roll up into the mission. 


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Discover opportunities

To grow, you need to have opportunities. And to have opportunities, you need to make connections.

The best way to create opportunities is to share your work. One of the easiest ways to do this is to write about what you and your immediate team do. Keep people in the loop about the great work you're doing and how it contributes to the company mission.


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Investing your time

As long as you're at a company that values growth, growth doesn't just mean sitting around, waiting for the calendar to reach a specific day, month, or year.

Instead, you "wait" on opportunities like new roles, new projects, and new promotions by actively investing in what you already have on your plate.


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Growth is about more than titles

There are many legitimate reasons for leaving a job: things like misaligned values or poor managers. But if personal growth is what's causing you to look elsewhere, first take a closer look at the company you're at. Are they growing? If so, opportunities may be right around the corner, and it's up to you (and hopefully an empathetic manager) to find them.

Even if your job title doesn't change as quickly as you'd like, you can still grow.


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