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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Having a strong company culture

Having a strong company culture

While you can put all your effort into strategy, it won’t necessarily drive growth. A company with a strong culture – one where everyone shares similar beliefs, goals, and ways of doing things – has a much better foundation for success.

For those companies just starting out, particularly those that have very few employees, creating and instilling culture is a much simpler task. Company founders can reinforce their idea of a good working culture through their personal interactions with employees every day.


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Set some shared goals

Culture can take many forms, however, in its broadest sense, it’s a company’s beliefs and behaviors that determine how its people interact and drive things forward.

Setting out our overarching goals in bitesize statements helps to ensure every person knows they are part of something bigger than themselves and empowers them to know that their day-to-day contribution is always valued and meaningful. This is where the true essence of culture-building lies. 


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Money can’t buy culture

Good company culture can’t be bought. It isn’t about investing in the latest ‘on-trend’ office amenities like novelty slides, a ping pong table or a company bar to stimulate a sense of culture.

The real key to culture comes in providing people with an authentic environment that gives them access to the tools, education, and resources they need to innovate, share ideas and achieve their career and life goals – while also meeting those of their employer.


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Create a culture with flex

It’s important for every business to ensure that its culture doesn’t stagnate and continues to evolve as its people learn and grow. A good culture is one that is flexible to the needs of the business and its people. It must embrace diversity, be inclusive and actively welcome new ideas and ways of thinking to the table.

After all, just as growing a business isn’t a linear process, cultivating a progressive company culture isn’t either.


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Get beyond the business

Cultivating and maintaining a progressive culture really boils down to stripping away the superfluous layers of business thinking and treating employees for what they are – human beings.

Understanding people on an emotional level is vital. Be interested in their ambitions and aspirations. Find out what interests and motivates them and get to know what their life is like outside of working hours. Treating and referring to people as mere commodities, assets or so-called ‘resources’ to be used is demeaning, dehumanizing, and will drive down energy and motivation in individuals and teams.


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