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Durov's Channel – Telegram

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3 Undervalued, 7 Overvalued

Pavel Durov, the Product Manager, CEO, and Founder of Telegram has published on his official channel on Telegram about three things that people undervalued, and three things that people overvalued.


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Undervalued (1): Sleep

 Sleep gives a boost to immunity, creativity, and psychological well-being. 


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Undervalued (2): Nature

Nature is the environment that we are biologically designed to feel good in. 


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 Being alone offers the freedom to make spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs. 


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Overvalued (1): Big cities

Big cities are sources of pollution, crime, and noise. It's good to have access to their resources, but advisable to live outside their borders.


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Overvalued (2): Restaurants

Restaurants offer the slowest and least efficient way to eat. Cooking at home allows for healthier diets and more control over ingredients.


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Overvalued (3): Hot weather

Sunny weather can bring about not only a lax attitude but also a risk of cancer and faster aging. Colder temperatures, on the contrary, clarify spirit, body and mind.


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Overvalued (4): Fashion

The endless quest to conform with ever-changing trends is expensive and unnecessary. Focusing on comfortable clothes makes life simpler and frees space for things that matter.


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Buying real estate often limits one's choices and is a questionable investment. Renting gives more freedom to move and explore different locations.


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Overvalued (6): Social media

The incessant flow of junk cluttering our minds from social media decreases our happiness and creativity. Disconnecting from these internet services is the best thing we can do on any given day.


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Overvalued (7): Celebrity advice

 Famous people often give unwarranted advice outside their fields of expertise. For all important things in life, it's best to rely on hard science and expert opinion.


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What's your favorite?

among these three undervalued and seven overvalued, which one do you agree with, and which one do you disagree with. Share your favorite in the comment


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