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3 Skills New Managers Need to Succeed

3 Skills New Managers Need to Succeed

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Know What Kind of Team You're Leading

Know What Kind of Team You're Leading

Just like wrestling and football are both sports, their teams have very different kinds of dynamics, which in turn translates into saying that you need to know what you're team is comprised of and set goals accordingly.


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More often than not, what presents as a relationship problem -- people blaming one another, bad group dynamics in meetings --is the result of the manager failing to clarify the team's goals.



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Know How to Establish Clear Goals

Know How to Establish Clear Goals

Managing teams is a difficult job; you have to deal with tough interpersonal dynamics, from trust issues to personality clashes to competing ambitions.

Managers need to ensure that team members understand the process for achieving the set goals along with empowering the team members who can make decisions -- this preempts disagreements ahead of time.

With goals in flux and work processes revisited, managers will then dedicate their time into identifying any stressors that could bubble up that may disrupt team dynamics.


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Teams Need Feedback Too

Teams Need Feedback Too

It's highly recommended to bring your team together quarterly to provide feedback on areas that can be measured such as: their progress toward their goals, how well they handle changes with work processes, or how they could have colleborated better on a project.

By incorporating team feedback into routines will have managers improve their effectiveness while keeping their team engaged.


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TEAM = (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore

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