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What Is Content Intelligence?

What Is Content Intelligence?

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Why is content intelligence important?

Why is content intelligence important?

All marketers want a content marketing strategy that helps them generate influence and a large audience. Case in point — “how to develop a content marketing strategy” was the fifth most searched question about content marketing in 2020.

Unfortunately, no concrete formula will help you generate incredible content with consistent results, yet it is essential to create incredible content with consistent results. Competitive intelligence poses a solution to this issue, yet only 23% of marketers leverage it in their content creation strategy.


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What is content intelligence?

Content intelligence is the process of using software that combines machine learning and AI to conduct market research about the effectiveness of specific types of content to help marketers create a high-quality content strategy that they know will work.

It is essentially a GPS that leads you to a high-quality content strategy that drives leads, conversions, and revenue. You don’t have to guess what will be of interest to your audience because the data shows you what performs well with your audience based on market and competitor analysis.


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Why is content intelligence important?

  • Generating a deep understanding of your target audience and the type of content they enjoy based on competitor data and analysis.
  • Data from market research helps you create content that is entirely centered around your users and what they enjoy.
  • Gain insight into various content types and how they should be created, like video content intelligence that lets you know actions within videos that drive results.
  • AI analyzes content for style, tone of voice, and other important metrics to eliminate guesswork and the trial and error that often goes into creating content.


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Why is content intelligence important? (contd.)

  • Ability to predict the effectiveness of your content based on the historical performance of your competitors.
  • Generate authority in your niche through high-quality, informative content that helps you get more visitors, increase conversion rates, and gain visibility in search results.


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