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Accepting Change

Change comes in different forms, it can be a getting a new job, leaving school or even a change in lifestyle due to money constraints but what's important is that we don't dwell in the past and move forward to accept the change .


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Dwelling On The Past

Speaking from personal experience dwelling on the past can hinder you from looking forward so it will be best to put your memories away as a part of your life and your new memories as a new part in life.


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Moving Forward

To anyone who might have difficulty moving forward use these tips

*Try taking small steps , this can be anything from socializing with your colleagues to taking small walks in your neighborhood to get used to your new home .

* Try not to remember your old life when doing something routine like remembering how you used to drive an expensive car while taking the morning commute instead try to listen to music on the train or the bus or just listen to a audiobook


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And that's about as much advice as I can give I'm 16 but I faced a lot of changes throughout my life and this book helped me a lot when I was a kid anand as a teenager. I would recommend reading the book it's very good


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Student, love learning new stuff, manwha enthusiast, 15 years old. Love attack on Titan . Did an environment preservation project once and won on a regional level. I'll update when I do more great things in life with the help of deep stash


These ideals helped me move through a rough patch in my life

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