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People make impossible decisions every day, even ones that someone -- somewhere -- will hate, regardless. There is not always an obvious answer but decisions still need to get made. With all the swirling anxiety and frustration in the air these days, it’s easy to become a target of convenience for a whole lot of rage.


How to Lead When Everyone’s Mad at You

How to Lead When Everyone’s Mad at You


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Let them see you sweat

At the moment that you're in a position to make a decision that may be unpopular to the people you're working with you may think that it's wiser to not show any vulnerability, however, not showing vulnerability makes it easier for them to vilify you and your decision.

You ...

Regardless of what your decision will be some people will still blame you -- even for the things that you can't control. In order to protect your sanity, you need to distance yourself from conflict, even just a little, every day.

This could mean writing in a journal and me...

It's difficult to think under stress and we aren't designed to do it. It's best to be prepared for situations like this.

You need to develop muscle memory that you can use without having to think of it. To do so, try having to role-play conversations with someone you trust...

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