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5 Important Ways to Optimize your Business for Voice Search

5 Important Ways to Optimize your Business for Voice Search

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Voice search is dominating the search landscape

Voice search is starting to dominate the way people search for information online. Instead of typing your query in the search engines, you simply speak into your device and ask for the information.

45 million people use voice assistants every day. They not only use it to find information but also to discover brands and buy products online. Reports state that voice shopping is set to jump from $2 billion today to $40 billion in 2022. You could lose money by not optimising your business for voice search and voice shopping.


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Use long-tail keywords

When people use voice search, they use a conversational tone and a long text string instead of a few random keywords.

It is better to optimise your website for longer queries using long-tail keywords. These keywords are specific and targeted.


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Optimise your business for local search

Voice search queries often include the phrase 'near me' because most users do a local search intending to visit the store.

To help you optimise your business for local search, consider adding your location, timings, contact information, parking availability, and other relevant information on your website's homepage. Consider creating local content for your blogs.


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Get listed

List your business in Google My Business. Getting your business listed in a local search can help you maximise your online presence and improve your SEO.


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Consider the search intent of your users

When people make a Google search, they often don't intent to buy. However, Google shows that people who use voice search are 30 times more likely to act on the query.

Understanding your user's search intent will make it easier to create content for your site that clarifies those queries. 


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Use conversational tone in content

When you create content, ensure to keep a conversational style of writing. This will increase the chance of your business appearing in the voice search results.


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Traveling can make you smarter, more creative and improve your problem-solving abilities.


Easy ways to optimize your content for voice search.

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