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Driving value through Customer Advocacy for your SaaS Business

Driving value through Customer Advocacy for your SaaS Business

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Creating customer advocates for your brand

Creating customer advocates for your brand

Customer advocacy is one of the best ways to grow your business. Potential buyers search for online reviews and peer recommendations before they decide to purchase.

Harvard Business School research found a 12% increase in customer advocacy can result in a 200% growth in revenue.


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The importance of a customer advocacy campaign

The customer is your greatest asset. When you keep them satisfied, they will become your brand advocates.

A customer advocacy campaign is designed to turn your customers into brand advocates. It encourages your customers to recommend the product to other potential customers.


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Marketing and Customer Success co-owns customer advocacy

A customer advocacy program is a marketing strategy. The Customer Success (CS) department should co-own advocacy with marketing for the following reasons:

  • They can get more dollars from a customer through renewals, upsells, etc.
  • To increase LTC.
  • To reduce the dollar acquisition cost.

The marketing team can get more leads from video testimonials, case studies, reviews, referrals, etc. People tend to check out the social proofs, not your website. So the higher the number of advocates, the higher the number of leads for acquisition.


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Prepping for a customer advocacy campaign

  • Develop a customer-centric attitude: Top management should promote a customer-first approach.
  • Identify customer advocates: Ensure to build and maintain a good relationship with your customers. Involve them in various processes when it is suitable. This ensures that they will be happy with you and your brand.
  • Know your campaign's purpose: Reflect on your brand's purpose. Knowing what, why, and how you want to build the campaign ensures better results.


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Launching a customer advocacy campaign

  • Create a customer-centric campaign. It helps you to know your customer advocates better.
  • Build a loyalty or a referral program. Use quantitative analytics to identify your loyal customer. Then approach them directly or offer rewards or bonuses for promoting your brand.
  • Social community helps. Build a community using social media platforms. Promote a shared sense of belonging, shared goals, and shared responsibility.
  • Gather social proof. Get your case studies from a decision-maker, not a user. It will encourage your advocates to recommend the product to potential customers.


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Passenger transport manager


Simply hoping that your customers will renew is not enough. Instead, you need to work towards that goal from the start using customer advocacy.

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