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How To Turn Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers

How To Turn Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers

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Success on social media

You may have grown a reasonably big Instagram following for your business. You've engaged your followers and were diligent about community management, but you haven't been able to figure out how to turn your followers into paying customers.

A recent survey done by Facebook showed that ...

Convey what you're selling. When a brand builds a following, they often focus on lifestyle content that creates lots of comments and likes, but a follower may find it difficult to understand how that equates to what you're selling.

Be sure to also add content that shows what you offer, such...

  • Spotlight some of the things customers are saying about you in your posts. Ensure to tag whoever said it so users can see that the recommendations come from a real person.
  • Recruit ambassadors to recommend your brand.
  • In your bio, stat...

  • Put a link in your bio. The link is your best opportunity to send followers to a destination where they can become customers. 
  • Use your bio to state the customer benefit. Add social proof and location.
  • You can also u...

  • Linktree creates a simple webpage that contains as many links as you need.
  • Likeshop recreates your Instagram grid, but every image is clickable.
  • Be sure to tag yourself next to any CTA. Then your followers can get where they want to go with ...

Five hundred million Instagram users watch Stories daily.

  • Stories disappear after 24 hours, but they stay when you save them in your Stories Highlights. You can create highlight groups that match specific product lines or campaigns, each with a custom image that stays ...

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