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You can only become successful at marketing when you know who to sell to. Seth Godin takes marketers through the process of finding their "who".

Finding Your "Who" with Seth Godin

Finding Your "Who" with Seth Godin

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How do I find your "who"

Marketers may fall into the trap that they think they want to sell to everyone. If Coke and Nike sell to everyone, they think they should sell to everyone.

But you cant. You don't have the time and enough money. So that is good news because now you can be specific. You can...

Be very sure you can name one person by name that will do business with you. Can you name ten or a hundred people by attribute?

If there aren't ten or a hundred people who will stop by and do business with you, you should probably make something else. 

We may know how to make things but making things are not the hard part. What is hard is figuring out what people want and how to earn trust and attention.

  • People don't know what they want. It took someone to make a...

How to resonate with your audience

You don't get to decide what's important to other people. When you show up, you have to deal with their world views, their biases, their fears.

As marketers, we have to see what one type of person in a certain setting buying our product will be reminded of.

For ...

Marketing is about how we talk to other people in a way that earns their trust, get them excited and gain enrollment.

You have a marketing problem if you battle to serve the people you want to serve because they don't understand you or don't believe you, or...

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