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The benefits of outbound sales for inbound processes.


6 Ways Outbound Sales Helps Inbound Leads Grow⎪Predictable Revenue

6 Ways Outbound Sales Helps Inbound Leads Grow⎪Predictable Revenue



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Balancing an outbound and inbound plan

Using outbound sales to boost inbound leads can result in positive effects.

This is confirmed by many businesses that found a way to grow organically through a well-balanced outbound and inbound plan.

The outbound sales process focus on a hand-picked audience and help you decide on the direction for content marketing. Outbound sales help define the marketing strategy by seeing what made the contacted customer buy your product or service.

Once you've gathered the information from outbound...

The outbound sales process helps to sell your product or service, but it also has other benefits that are not immediately visible.

A customer that didn't buy will visit your website for more info or double-check the facts your outbound team offered. It results in increased organic t...

Gathering data from potential customers does not just help improve outbound sales; it also potentially improves your chance of learning more about your customer. Therefore, the person working with outbound sales can define the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and other data.


Outbound interaction allows you to shape the buyer's journey on your website. When you have an idea about the ICP, you can optimise the journey.

The following questions can help the outbound sales efforts to customise the buyer's journey.

  • Where do the customers l...

It is not uncommon for companies to understand the buyer's journey but still have issues with inbound lead generation. The outbound process can help to find inefficient inbound processes.

You can identify the main inbound issues by asking current and potential customers poi...

Since you have a database with outbound contacts, you're one step away from targeting them with PPC online advertising.

Include unconverted clients from outbound campaigns on a PPC strategy to increase the chance for conversion. However, ensure not to overdo the retargetin...

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Here are 10 signs that the time to hire an outbound sales team is now.



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