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Utilizing a combination of different love types can create something beautiful. While there isn’t a perfect equation for every relationship, be conscious of the different love catalysts to help us feel the different kinds of love. 


Recognizing 8 Types Of Love According To The Ancient Greeks

Recognizing 8 Types Of Love According To The Ancient Greeks


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Love Catalyst

A love catalyst is the part of ourselves that enhance our experience with a type of love and can provoke certain feelings to arise. These feelings can lead to positive em...

8 Types Of Love

The Greeks studied love and signified eight different types giving each a Greek name.

#1. Philia – Affectionate Love

Philia or “brotherly love” is love without romantic strings and usually occurs between

#2. Pragma – Enduring Love

Pragma is a mature love between a couple that has grown and matured for many years. Commitment and dedication are required to achieve Pragma and it is also known as everlasting love.

  • Love Catalyst: Etheric (Subconsciou...

#3. Storge – Familiar Love

Storge is a natural love common between close friends and between parents and children as well. This love is built on deep emotional connection and acceptance of each other. This love comes easil...

#4. Eros – Romantic Love

Eros is a passionate love that is displayed through physical affection. This love is a desire for another person’s body and touch. Common displays are through kissing, holding hands and hugging.

  • Love C...

#5. Ludus – Playful Love

Ludus is known as the “honeymoon stage” of relationships and consists of child-like play and teasing the one we are interested in. Although common in young couples, older couples who strive for this love find a more rewarding relationship.

  • Love Catalys...

#6. Mania – Obsessive Love

Mania is an obsessive love with our partner and can lead to possessiveness and jealousy. Most cases of obsessiveness can lead to an imbalance in the relationship however a healthy dose of playfulness and romantic love can even ou...

#7. Philautia – Self Love

Philautia is the practice of self-love and self-value. It also means we recognize our personal needs and are responsible for our well-being.

  • Love Catalyst: Soul
  • Our soul lets us underst...

#8. Agape – Selfless Love

Agape is the highest level of love a person can offer. Offering Agape is loving throughout any and all circumstances. Agape is not a physical act, it’s a feeling, but acts of sel...

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Love is both a wonderful thing and a cunning evolutionary trick to control us. A dangerous cocktail in the wrong hands.



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