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Handling Misinformation


What Brands Need to Know About Misinformation and Disinformation

What Brands Need to Know About Misinformation and Disinformation



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Misinformation Vs Disinformation

Misinformation is generally spread without malice or intent. Disinformation, on the other hand, is generally organized and has a specific outcome in mind.

For example, during school days, the misinformation heard around Beef Jerky Sticks containing earthworms became s...

Active social media listening is the best way to detect false information before it catches on. This is a baseline activity and its benefits reach far beyond identifying potential misinformation.

Look at the data carefully to examine for a common language in comments or user-generated posts...

Brands themselves sometimes contribute to a sense of confusion. Be extra clear about things that could cause confusion (like deals or things that have limited availability). 

Also consider how you phrase Tweets and messages, especially if your brand is prone to phrasing things as a question...

If you encounter false information it’s important to answer it with truth and link to a source where readers can further verify if they so choose. It is also important to do this promptly.

If it is clear from a customer’s message that they are using your product or service and have encounte...

If someone shows up in your feed for the first time with clearly false information, take a moment to look at their other posts. Check to see if they’re a prospect or customer. If not, it is possible it may be a troll out to spread bad information about you.

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