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How Nonprofits Can Encourage Donors to Give More

How Nonprofits Can Encourage Donors to Give More

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Voting System While Donating

My co-authors and I then did a similar experiment requesting online donations to the American Red Cross. Some people were asked for contributions directly, while others were asked to donate by voting for whether they liked chocolate or vanilla best. Again, people might have found this odd or even frivolous for a charity focused on providing relief in dire circumstances. But the strategy worked: People given a choice donated 28% more than those who weren’t.


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Use Nouns Instead Of Verbs

Similar results have been found in a host of domains. Asking people “to be a voter ” instead of asking them “to vote” significantly increased turnout. Students told “please don’t be a cheater” rather than “please don’t cheat” were half as likely to engage in unethical behavior.


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Use "You"

Popular content often has a particular word in common: You. Whether it’s on the news (e.g., “Is there a dangerous chemical in your water? Learn more after the break”) or online (e.g., “5 Tips You Can Use to Land Any Interview”) the most read or watched stuff often uses second-person pronouns.

So instead of saying “we need help” or “every dollar helps,” nonprofits seeking donations might instead opt for “we need your help” or “every dollar you give helps.” If you can, try using names as well. This makes it feel like more than a generic or boilerplate request, but one targeted directly at them.


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