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How to start a design studio – a beginner’s guide

How to start a design studio – a beginner’s guide


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Questions we ask ourselves when we're about to enter the world of work or start a business.

  • How do I make myself employable?
  • How will I find my dream job?
  • What skills am I lacking?
  • How should I deal with clients?
  • ...

Prepare yourself (You don't know everything just yet)

If you intend to start your own studio, don't. Not yet.

First benefit from other's who have done it before you. Find out about their successes and failures. Learn from their mistakes.

  • Get a job. Gain experience from being around other professionals. Make yourself...

Start small, but plan for growth

When the time is right, start small. This will allow you to take risks and learn what works.

  • Do your homework. Write a thorough business plan. It is a valuable guide that forces you to think about where your work will come from. Make an effort to under...

Embrace change

  • Hire the best you can. People are your most valuable resource. When the time arrives, hire the best people you can afford. Each recruit should fit your values and bring something new with them. If there are people you admire but they're not a good fit for your team, find way...

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