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How to deal with difficult stakeholders as a product manager

How to deal with difficult stakeholders as a product manager

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Effective collaboration is essential

Effective collaboration is essential

The product company partners with multiple teams, serve customers and end-users. As a result, disagreements are inevitable in a product manager's daily interactions.

Effective collaboration can't take place if we don't deal with the conflicts that arise. However, knowing how to handle conflict can generate creativity and strengthen collaboration.


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The behavioral change stairway model

The FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit developed this method to change someone else's behaviour.

  1. Active listening: It's important to really listen to the person you're in conflict with.
  2. Empathy: Try to understand the other person's perspective and needs.
  3. Rapport: When people feel understood, they are more likely to trust, enabling us to build rapport.
  4. Influence: The closer relationship created is a baseline to encourage someone to listen to our perspective.
  5. Behaviour change: By following the first four steps, you're more likely to change someone's behaviour.


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Techniques for better listening

We can train ourselves to be better listeners:

  • Be fully present and listen with attention.
  • Keep an open mind and try not to judge.
  • Listen for what is being said, emotions that are present, and expressed needs.


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Techniques for building trust

  • Speak and act with integrity.
  • Get to know people and allow them to get to know you.
  • Encourage others to share their ideas and/or concerns in product decisions.
  • Be supportive and offer help whenever appropriate.
  • Strengthen your product management expertise 


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