Don’t hire someone because of their résumé. Look for this instead - Deepstash
Don’t hire someone because of their résumé. Look for this instead

Don’t hire someone because of their résumé. Look for this instead

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Behavior over experience

Behavior over experience

Arbitrary skillsets and a certain amount of experience aren’t objective measures of how someone will perform on the job. Managers should rethink the hiring process, going back to the basics and reexamining job descriptions.

Look internally at your best performing teams and employees and analyze what they do that makes them so valuable. Then source people who demonstrate similar behaviors, such as having passion for the work, company, and the purpose of the organization.


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A three-step hiring process

  1. The HR screening: it makes sure the candidate has the minimum mandatory experience to do the job. While experience shouldn’t be the major focus, candidates should possess basic skill sets.
  2. The interview phase: ask them business case questions about how they would solve specific problems they may experience on the job.
  3. The WHOM interview, which stands for work-ethic, heart, optimism, and maturity: Ask behavioral-based interview questions instead of asking a candidate to expand on their résumé.


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