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Michael Seibel - How to Plan an MVP

Michael Seibel - How to Plan an MVP

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A minimum viable product is the simplest thing you can give to the very first set of users you want to target so that you can see if you can deliver any value to them.

It is helpful to talk to some users before you decide to build your MVP. It's more helpful if you are your...

Theoretically, if you decide to solve a problem you know someone has, you will speak to that person. If that person is you, it's even easier.

But if you are building a product for a mysterious set of users, you may have to question that.

Hold the problem you're solving tightly, hold the customer tightly, but hold the solutions you're building loosely.

  • Launch quickly, even if it is imperfect. 
  • Get some initial customers. Get anyone using your product an...

  • Build fast. Do it in a few weeks, not months. For a heavier MVP, such as building a rocket or biotech, your MVP can start with a simple website explaining what you do. This can help when you talk to people so that they have something to refer back to.
  • Limited...

Many founders see how big companies launch and then assume they have to launch in the same way. However, a launch simply means to start getting customers.

The only way you can know if your product solves their problem is to put the thing in front of your customers. If it doesn't solve the p...

  • Timebox your spec. Your spec is the list of things you need to build before you launch. If you want to launch in three weeks, then focus on the stuff you can build in three weeks.
  • Write your spec. If you don't write things down, you may change them a...

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