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Vulnerability: The Key to Better Relationships

Vulnerability: The Key to Better Relationships

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Vulnerability Is...

Vulnerability Is...

Consciously choosing not to hide emotions.

Freely expressing thoughts, desires, feelings, and opinions.

The path to true human connection.

Connecting with others through vulnerability will result in the best interactions and relationships.


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Ways To Be More Vulnerable

Ways To Be More Vulnerable

  • Admit "you suck" at something--accepting your faults. People will see confidence in you for admitting weaknesses.
  • Take Responsibility Instead of Blaming Others: Taking responsibility is powerful because it puts you in control; An excellent example of vulnerability because you're saying "I have a problem. I’m not perfect, but that’s okay. I can deal with it, and I will deal with it."


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More Ways To Be Vulnerable

More Ways To Be Vulnerable

  • Let people know if they are being hurtful or insensitive.
  • Informing people of your feelings and opinions is being vulnerable.
  • Standing up for yourself is powerful vulnerability.
  • Telling someone you admire, respect, appreciate, and/or love them.
  • The ultimate form of vulnerability--tell a friend you admire them, tell family members you love and respect them; confessing undying love without knowing how the other person feels.


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Vulnerability Is Not...

Vulnerability Is Not...

A tactic to manipulate.

The intention behind behavior that makes it genuine or not.


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Emotional Vomit

Emotional Vomit

Emotional vomit is when you suddenly unload an inappropriate amount of emotions and personal history onto a conversation, usually to the utter horror of the person listening.

In effect, you’re being open and authentic about how needy and pathetic you are. And whether hidden or apparent, neediness is never attractive.


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Power Of Vulnerability

"It’s the backwards law in action: in order to become more resilient, more formidable, you must first bare your flaws and weaknesses for the world to see. In doing so, they lose their power over you, allowing you to live your life with more honesty and intention."


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Intelligent and inquisitive mother of one son and two dogs. Not afraid to admit I'm a little crazy and weird. I love learning about social sciences, new information on mental health, meditation, yoga, dance, music, and all animals.


Vulnerability helps us work through our emotions and process them more effectively. It fosters improved emotional and mental health while living an authentic life bravely and resilient.

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