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Four Questions to Spark Innovation

Four Questions to Spark Innovation


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The stresses of running any business with even moderate success are pretty much all-consuming. It’s no wonder, therefore, if enterprises sometimes lack the time to stand back and think creatively about innovation – and suffer accordingly down the line.

We can get into the habit of mentally...

It sounds odd but many customers privately harbour hopes of companies that go a long way beyond what these companies are currently offering. A great way to innovate is to tap into these secret hopes and build products and services to meet them. The possibilities for growth can be enormou...

Are there neighboring problems around the problem?

Does the problem that you’re fixing exist somewhere else and would it make sense for you to fix it there?

The designer Giorgio Armani founded his clothing business in 1975 and soon found widespread success. What motivated him was the desire to fix the chaos and clutter...

Might you take the same message into a different medium?

It’s easy for a company to become fixated on the medium in which it first launched – and therefore to fail to see that its message (which is the really valuable bit) could happily and lucratively transfer.

This can happen to artists. Andy Warhol began his career makin...

Of any current business activity, we can ask ourselves: what is the bigger version of this? One can ask: what is the underlying principle within the business? And what would it look like for the business to apply that principle in larger ways?

When teasing out the underlying prin...

Innovation is the key because – in the sense we’ve been exploring – it is the process of working out business-solutions to problems that are most important to us.

The products that any company is currently offering might only be a small part of the customer’s real needs in a given area. C...

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If you’re struggling to find a product/market fit, first figure out what “looks like food” to your prospects. Find the language/market fit first and everything else will be much easier.



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