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The Problem with Saying “It’s No Big Deal”

The Problem with Saying “It’s No Big Deal”


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"It's no big deal"

When someone bothers or offends you, it’s natural to say, it’s no big deal and assumes the other person had positive intent. But, often, that phrase is used to avoid conflict and is a sign that you should take action.

Though speaking up can be difficult, it’s the only ...

When you don’t address something early on, there’s a good chance you’ll harbor negative emotional energy and become so upset that you eventually have a hard time being in the same room with person who “wronged” you, much less trusting them or feeling good about them.


The problem may very well not be a big deal; if that’s the case, a calm conversation will take care of it. Similarly, if the person wasn’t being nefarious, simply naming the behavior that’s troubling you in respectful terms should allow the person to address it without a big blow up.


When you let things build up, you’re more likely to act in an uncontrolled fashion at an inopportune time.

So, when your colleague says something mildly upsetting in a meeting, schedule some time to talk about it or discreetly approach them about it after some time has pas...

True inquiry is a respectful way of testing whether something actually is a big deal and is entirely consistent with the notion of assuming positive intent. For example, try saying “Can you help me understand why you’re doing that?” or “Could you share your data or reasoning on this?”

Not everything that triggers an emotional response requires a response. But if something is really no big deal, then you probably wouldn’t use this rationalization in the first place; you’d simply address it or ignore it.

So, learn to recognize this when it happe...

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Every person has problems: even the wealthiest individual on the globe has challenges in life. There are times when problems feel overwhelming and like you might not be able to get past them. But by taking responsibility for your problems and setting a path to correct them in a constructive way, you can deal with any problems that come your way.



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