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WFH/WFA Workplace Create New Cybersecurity Threats: Are You Prepared?

WFH/WFA Workplace Create New Cybersecurity Threats: Are You Prepared?


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WFH/WFA Workplace Create New Cybersecurity Threats

IBM estimates that in 2021 a data breach incident costs enterprises $4.24 million on average. Even though the workforce is returning to offices in varying capacities, research on the topic indicates that managers are planning for a hybrid work future.

According to Gartner, 82% of business...

Cybersecurity-wise, this new development means that an increasing number of workers will access their online work environment through vulnerable networks, and additional security measures have to be put in place to mitigate the connected risks. 

The switch to remote work left managers dealing with several cybersecurity threats stemming from unsecured home devices and networks, as well as unprotected internet traffic.

When the majority of employees work from a single location, there is only a need to protect the main network - whi...

The elements that build for security and privacy that may normally be available in a controlled corporate physical environment setting with defined physical barriers are routinely obliterated in WFA environments.

And the risks associated with WFH are amplified when the move is made to WFA....

Working from anywhere usually means using unencrypted public Wi-Fi, which can lead to information being intercepted, malware being distributed. There is an array of ways in which hackers exploit unsecured public networks, and businesses have to adapt their cybersecurity strategies accordingly.

Since every remote employee is a potential threat to the integrity of a given company's data, businesses are shifting their cybersecurity strategies away from the castle-and-moat approach.

In the Zero Trust framework, the given network is protected by granting users and devices access to o...

  1. A comprehensive security framework of this kind allows remote employees to safely connect to the company network without putting the whole network at risk.
  2. Web browsing becomes considerably safer, allowing cybersecurity personnel to ensure employee browsing habits are not potential...




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With cybersecurity, the question is no longer only how to keep bad players out. Instead, the priority is how to recover as quickly as possible once an attack occurs.



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