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Commonly known routine activities, but backed by neuro science reasoning! Will make you think twice, especially if you have been wanting to add one of those into your daily habits!

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman: "You Will Feel The Benefits Immediately"

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman: "You Will Feel The Benefits Immediately"



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Maximizing Productivity

Apply Quality Peer Reviewed Science To Your Day to Day Life.

By - Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman.


  • Do your best to do these every day.
  • Do not to miss more than one day in a week.
  • You will feel the benefits immediatel...

1. Note your wake-up time every day

To know the average wake up time, to find your Temperature Minimum time.

Temperature Minimum:

  • The time when your body temperature is lowest.
  • Happens 2 hours before your average wake up time.
  • Helps shift your body clock, circadian wake up and sleep...

2. Get into Forward Ambulation

Forward Ambulation is another word to move forward - like taking a walk, biking or running

Forward Motion generates

  • Optic Flow - visual images that pass by us
  • Auditory Flow - Sounds pass by us

3. Get Sunlight into your Eyes, early in the day

This is vital for mental and physical health.

  • Stimulate those neurons in the eye and convey to the brain that it is day time, and to be Alert!
  • It sets in motion, numerous biological cascades within every cell and organs of our body.
  • This gives a healthy bump in a horm...

4. Hydration is Essential for Mental Performance

Drink adequate water. Early in the day.

With a little bit of sea salt is good, since Neurons need ionic flow.

Preferably not cold water. 

5. Delay Caffeine intake to 90-120 minutes after waking up

Adenosine build up is one of the key factors that induces a sense of sleepiness . The longer we are awake, Adenosine builds-up and accumulates. When we wake up in the morning, Adenosine levels are very low.

Caffeine is an Adenosine blocker. So delaying caffeine is ...

6. Fasting state

Primary objective early in the day is to get into a mode of focus and alertness, so we can get work done. This can be achieved by fasting.

Fasting works to create a heightened state of alertness and a calm brain state. Fasting increases levels of Ad...

7. Physical Exercise

In order to optimize cardio vascular and brain health of the body, exercise atleast 5 days per week.

Maintaining muscular and bone health helps both muscles and brain. 

Physical Exercise improves Brain Health.

8. Weekend Drift

Get additional rest, One day per week.

Do nothing in a structured way. If possible!

Bonus Tip:

If you happen to stay up late, it is still best to get up at your regular wake up time.

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