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Is Project Management the Right Career for You?

Is Project Management the Right Career for You?


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Project Management: The Basics

The role “project manager” or PM, is exactly what it sounds like: a person responsible for the day-to-day management of a given project. Think of this position as the chef d’orchestre, football coach, or a CEO of a temporary team who works to create, manage, and track a project from star...

  • Initiating: As project manager you begin a project by defining its purpose, the business case, its benefits, and its high-level scope. This includes identifying the key stakeholders, or the individuals or groups who will be impacted by the project, including both employees ...

You need a good understanding of basic project management concepts, methods, and tools that will help you make a reliable project plan, identify the stakeholders of your project, or manage the project risks.

More and more universities now offer project management courses, but you can a...

Reach out to project managers in your organization or those in your social circle for informational interviews.
You can ask:

  • How did you train as a project manager?
  • How do you keep your knowledge up to date? Are there specific courses you would recommend?
  • What ar...

In this role, you will need to learn to communicate well, actively listen to your colleagues and stakeholders and motivate your team.

Some of the skills you would need:

  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive your emotions and those of others.
  • ...

You will also need to have a minimum understanding of the technical aspects involved in the project. For example, if you’re implementing a new HR application, you must take the time to comprehend some of the technical aspects of the software, like the phases of the development, the configurat...

You can find project management opportunities in all sorts of industries. But which one is good for you? Here are some questions you can ask during your interview to guide your decision:

  • Do you provide training/certifications to help your project managers build new skills?
  • A...

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