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The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No

The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No

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Saying No

Saying No

  • Not doing something will always be faster than doing it.
  • This statement reminds of the old computer programming saying, “Remember that there is no code faster than no code.”


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Why We Say Yes

Why We Say Yes

  • We agree to many requests not because we want to do them, but because we don't want to be seen as rude, arrogant, or unhelpful.
  • Often, you have to consider saying no to someone you will interact with again in the future.


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Difference Between Yes And No

Difference Between Yes And No

  • Saying no saves you time in the future.
  • Saying yes costs you time in the future.
  • No is a form of time credit. You retain the ability to spend your future time however you want.
  • Yes is a form of time debt. You have to pay back your commitment at some point.
  • No is a decision. Yes is a responsibility.


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The Role Of No

The Role Of No

  • Saying no is an important skill to develop at any stage of your career because it retains the most important asset in life: your time.
  • As the investor Pedro Sorrentino put it, “If you don’t guard your time, people will steal it from you.”


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Upgrading Your No

Upgrading Your No

  • Upgrading your no doesn't mean you'll never say yes.
  • It just means you default to saying no and only say yes when it really makes sense.
  • To quote the investor Brent Beshore, “Saying no is so powerful because it preserves the opportunity to say yes.”


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When To Say No

When To Say No


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The Power Of Saying No

The Power Of Saying No

  • More effort is wasted doing things that don't matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently.
  • And if that is the case, elimination is a more useful skill than optimization.


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"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."



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