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7 Small Joys You Should Make Sure to Add to Your Daily Routine in 2022

7 Small Joys You Should Make Sure to Add to Your Daily Routine in 2022



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Savour The Morning Coffee

Something like 80 percent of the world imbibes some form of caffeine every day. Maybe that's you, or maybe you prefer herbal tea or even just water. Whatever it is, that first drink of a hot (or cold) beverage each day is a small but definite pleasure for most of us.


Not all climates or all kinds of weather are conducive to spending time outside, but if you can spend a little time outdoors each day, try to do that.

Getting outdoors, whether you're walking, running, biking, or just sitting on your own porch, is a small joy for most people. That can...

Research shows that loneliness and isolation are so bad for you they can literally take years off your life. And that spending time with someone you care about, or at least communicating with someone you care about, is one of the most powerful methods there is for feeling better.

So even ...

Napping isn't for everyone. And a lengthy nap can leave you with sleep inertia, a.k.a. grogginess. But a brief nap of 10 to 30 minutes can improve your mental function, memory, and problem-solving ability as well as improve your mood.

It's absolutely worth building in those few m...

There's evidence that reading books provide an amazing host of health and brain benefits, including possibly increased longevity. That's a really good reason to do it.

The important thing is to pick a book that may or may not be what others consider a good book. Pick something you...

Laughing is really good for you. So, every day, try to find something to at least make you chuckle.

If you don't know of anything, ask your friends to send you funny YouTubes and jokes, or try laughing yoga, in which people get together and just start laughing, until the strangeness o...

All of us live super busy, overscheduled lives. But, increasingly, research tells us there are big benefits to being a little less busy and spending a little more time doing nothing, or at least nothing more productive than staring out a window.

For one thing, even if it feels like you're...

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