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Understanding how fonts influence our decisions can help in picking the right font for your business. This article lists the different types of fonts and the feelings they evoke.


The fundamentals of font psychology - 99designs

The fundamentals of font psychology - 99designs


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A good successful font

We see millions of fonts each day, but we will only remember the successful ones.

A good, successful font comes in the form of font psychology - meaning you connect the emotional and visual action to the font you choose to represent you. Th...

Font psychology

Font psychology is the visual and emotional response you have to fonts.

The Kolenda Font Model explains step-by-step how we perceive fonts and what we associate with them. For example, bold font for a fitness brand will be perceived as thick and bulky. The perception will a...

  • Typography is the art of creating a message that looks visually pleasing. For example, if you want to evoke thoughts of tallness or slimness, adjust the spacing or decide if the upper or lower case will impact people's perception.
  • Shape psychology fo...

Font psychology has the power to drive your decisions and goals. Understanding how people react to fonts can influence how your target audience perceives your design and business.

Your design font should inspire and empower your message. For example, using ...

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are the most traditional font option and are often used to create a classic, traditional and stable look and feel.

This font is great for brands and businesses that feel established, or to evoke a feeling of trust

Slab serif fonts

The slab serif fonts are in the same family as serif fonts, but with more bold confidence and youth. Slab serif fonts are squared off giving a chunkier look and feel.

Slab serif fonts are excellent for businesses that want ...

San serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are clean, crisp and modern. They are minimal and engaging. These fonts convey a no-nonsense attitude but also feel open and progressive.


Script fonts

Script fonts have a feeling of femininity and elegance. They are fun and romantic and mimick forms of handwriting and doodling.

Script fonts inspire other creative ideas and feel rich in emotion and history...

Modern fonts

Modern fonts take on a futuristic look, but it's found in 18th-century history. Modern fonts combine practicality and playfulness. It varies thick and thin strokes.

These fonts create a sense of exclusivity...

Display fonts

Display fonts are used for large-format mediums such as billboards, headings, and book covers. They can be serif, slab serif, or sans serif. They can also be unique and can have a pictorial element to them.

Display fonts can create a more casual, fun, or unique look. The font can be changed...

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Visual identity can help to tell your brand's story.



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