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Remember: What You Do Is Not Who You Are

Remember: What You Do Is Not Who You Are


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The Mental Shift

Think of jobs as verbs, rather than nouns. So, for example: I do journalism, rather than I’m a journalist. Or: I do youth education, rather than I’m a teacher.

It is a mental shift that can help to disentangle who you are as a person from how you spend your days to make money for ...

From that moment we’re asked this question, early in childhood, our identity becomes inseparably tied to the thing we do to make money. Whether we actually fulfill those wild dreams is beside the point; we’re conditioned to tie our core identity to a profession.

As we grow into th...

Experts say it’s important to protect yourself from letting problems in one area of your life affect the other areas, especially now that the borders between every aspect of our lives are blurrier than ever.

A bad week at work is a drag on your mental health, but if your work is ...

Simply start putting the boundaries in place.

This could mean not answering your phone or email after your workday has ended, or not engaging with a Slack message while you’re taking a 15-minute mental health break during the day. But often, when people just start carving out those bou...

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