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7 Amazing Facts About Periods That Everyone Needs To Know!

7 Amazing Facts About Periods That Everyone Needs To Know!



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1. Periods Get Worse When The Weather Is Cold

2. You Can Still Get Pregnant During Periods

  • Many people assume that you cannot get pregnant if you have sex while on your period. However, this is not true.
  • Although it’s more unlikely that you will become pregnant while you are menstruating, it is not impossible at all.
  • This is becaus...

Fun Fact

Another fun related fact: back in the middle ages, people used to think that redheads were babies who were conceived while their mother was on her period.

3. The Average Starting Age For Periods Has Changed Over Years

  • Back in the 1800s, girls wouldn’t get their periods until they were well into their teens — the average age was around 17. Nowadays, the average age to start menstruating is 12 — a whole five years younger.
  • Scientists think there are a few key reasons for thi...

4. You Will Spend Nearly 10 Years Of Your Life On Period

  • From the time of her first cycle to menopause, the average American woman will have around 450 periods in her lifetime. That’s a lot of periods.
  • Added up, this equates to around 10 years — or about 3,500 days — of the average woman’s life that will b...

5. It’s Easier To Have Eco-friendly Periods

  • If the fact above scares you into thinking about the environmental impact that you’re having just by menstruating, then don’t worry!
  • There are actually many different ways you can reduce your waste and have a guilt-free, eco-friendly period.
  • Disposable tampons and sa...

6. You Lose A Lot Less Blood Than You Think

  • Sometimes, when you’re having a particularly heavy flow day, it can feel as if something is wrong. Surely it’s not normal to produce this much blood?!
  • Although it may seem like a lot, your body only actually loses around three tablespoons of blood during your period; the aver...

7. Your Periods Can Effect How You Sound And Smell

  • According to vocalization researchers, women’s voices can change slightly during their menstrual cycle due to our reproductive hormones affecting the vocal cords.
  • This means women can sound different while on their period, and even “less attractive” according to the...

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Break out right before your period? Your skincare routine might not matching your hormonal changes might be to blame



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