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Blair Enns takes a deep dive into what it takes to make a name for yourself as an agency or creative firm. Explore the 12 proclamations with me as I reread the book!

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

by Blair Enns


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What is the Win Without Pitching Manifesto?

Author Blair Enns highlights what he believes are the 12 proclamations every professional creative firm should follow when they want to start running a successful practice. 

The 12 Proclamations:

  1. We will specialize 
  2. We Will Replace Presentations with Con...

I | We Will Specialize

"If we are not seen as more expert than our competition, then we will be viewed as one in the sea of many and we will have little power in our relationships with our clients and prospects."

We Must

  1. Choose a focus.
  2. Articulate that focus via a cons...

II | We Will Replace Presentations with Conversations

"We will break free from our addiction to the big reveal and the adrenaline rush of putting ourselves in the win or lose situation of the presentation. Until we break ourselves from this addiction we will never get rid of the pitch."

We Must:

  1. Establish the rules of colla...

III | We Will Diagnose Before We Prescribe.

"Well it is common practice in the creative profession to prescribe solutions without fully and accurately diagnosing the problem. In almost every other profession such a sequence would render the professional liable for malpractice. Too often we are guilty ...

IV | We Will Rethink What It Means To Sell

"The first thing we must understand if we are to approach selling properly and respectfully, is that the client's motivation and by necessity our role as a salesperson evolves as he progresses through the buying cycle."

To sell we must:

  1. Help the unaware.
  2. Inspire ...


As I continue to reread this book I will add more proclamation summaries and interpretations. Stash this if you love the book! 

Erick Leon is a creative director and brand strategist at

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