3 Myths About Emotions At Work You Need To Stop Believing - Deepstash
3 Myths About Emotions At Work You Need To Stop Believing

3 Myths About Emotions At Work You Need To Stop Believing

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Stop emotion shaming

Your emotions are messengers. They give you important information about our needs or actions we can take.They’re a valuable source of intelligence and insight.

When your feelings are especially strong, as they often are in the workplace, you can operate from old, outdated stories and beliefs that warp your ability to see the situation clearly.

While it’s true that you can’t help how you feel and that your emotional experiences are 100% valid, you can control how you choose to respond.


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Humans are emotional and it's okay.

It’s human to have emotions. But what makes you a great leader is how you choose to respond and communicate when those emotional reactions do arise. If you take ownership of your feelings and reactions, it conveys strength and confidence that other people will respect.


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