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As design gets more and more integrated into businesses it鈥檚 crucial that business leaders know how to speak the language. These ideas cover the basics of design language so you can start communicating better with your creative team!

Starting your morning right can have a drastic effect on the rest of your day. It dictates how you will treat others, how you will view perspectives, and ultimately how happy you will be. All great leaders have a morning routine and this is a simple yet effective one I believe everyone can start implementing ASAP.

Every business needs to attempt to create a worthwhile brand. It doesn't always mean hiring expensive branding agencies and creating elaborate experiences. Looking legit can be affordable.

Blair Enns takes a deep dive into what it takes to make a name for yourself as an agency or creative firm. Explore the 12 proclamations with me as I reread the book!

It's important to constantly be keeping up to date with what the future of advertising beholds. This is my compilation of new SAAS companies, new advertising tactics, & marketing strategies.

Evolv Branding Advertising & Marketing


We watch business leaders fall in love with their brands by helping them learn, strategize, and execute better brand experiences.


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