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Team coaching can transform teams and improve their outcomes. This book will guide your development and give new insights into how coaching teams work.

Coaching the Team at Work

Coaching the Team at Work

by David Clutterbuck


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The Three Big Ideas

  • Team coaching is a discipline distinct from consulting, team building, team leading and other roles. It is more complex, not least because it deals with the systems that influence teams and how those teams interact with them.
  • Highly effective coaching is both

It means partnering with an entire team in an ongoing relationship, for the purpose of collectively raising awareness and building better connections in the team’s internal and external systems and enhancing the team’s capability to cope with current and future challenges.

Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching is ‘being aware of three worlds and how they interplay to produce outcomes’

  • The Face-to-Face World – interactions with the client, and their face-to-face interactions with other key people.
  • The Larger External World...

  • Coaching individuals, who happen to belong to the same team
  • Coaching only part of a team
  • Team building
  • One-off interventions such as an off-site workshop
  • Training and consultancy.

Another team coa...

Line Manager as Team Coach

Managers are prone to misattribute the causes of poor performance. They tend to over-emphasize motivation and under-emphasize other factors – in particular, lack of knowledge or skill. Poor performance has a lot more to do with poor management and failure to coach than with unwil...

  • The tendency for managers and direct reports to fall into ‘parent/child’ roles.
  • Hidden agendas. For example, on the manager’s part about their plans to reorganize the team and on the employee’s part about how long they intend to stay with the company.
  • The conflict between the...

The Environment: Three Coaching Conditions

To increase coaching success these conditions must be present:

  • Psychological safety.
  • Everyone in the team needs to know how to coach and how to be coached (including the line manager)
  • Everyone in the team takes collective responsibility for performance and for each ...

  • They don’t feel the need to control. They trust others because, if mistakes happen, the leader has big enough shoulders to share responsibility.
  • They demonstrate that they care – both about the team goals, but also about each of the team members as individuals. They make time for hum...

When Is Team Coaching Useless

  • When there is no compelling rationale for being a team – for example, when members of a group have little interdependence.
  • When it is too large to be a real team – above eight, it will become harder to gel as a team.
  • When only the leader wants team coaching to happen.
  • ...

The most enlightened coaches hold space for the client, while he or she has the conversation they need to have with themselves.

Highly effective team coaching is both systemic (seeing the client and their issues within the context of multiple systems) and dialogic (a conversation that creat...

The Main Skills Of Coaching

  • Listening. The team coach needs to listen to both the person talking and to everyone else in the room. Being aware of their silent conversations, through observing body language.
  • Using silence.
  • Powerful questions. In team ...

In one way or another, pretty much every study of team effectiveness identifies the quality of interpersonal relationships as a critical component.

There is surprisingly little evidence that people in the team have to like each other, but they do need to respect, trust an...

Talking To The Team

A good technique to understand the relationships within the team is to observe their dialogue. What does this team discuss?

  • Social - Weekend plans, hobbies, the weather.
  • Technical - How to do tasks within the team

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Every individual in the team is unique with his/her own strengths, weakness, interest, culture and capabilities. Together its more important for a team to be productive and happy with a collective goal in mind



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