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Learning How To Learn Better: Quick Tips

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

by Andy Hunt


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The Recipe For Learning

  • Always consider the context. Everything is a part of a system, and you can get into trouble by only considering things in isolation.
  • Use rules for novices, intuition for experts. This is one of the core principles of the Dreyfus skill model.

  • Capture all of your ideas, such as in a notebook, to get more of them.
  • Strive for good design, it really works better.
  • The more senses you engage in a task, the more involved and focused your brain will be. Fiddling, music...

  • Hedge your bets with diversity.
  • Allow for different bugs in different people.
  • Act like you’ve evolved, breathe, don’t hiss.
  • Trust intuition, but verify.
  • Create SMART objectives to reach your goals.
  • Plan your investment in...

  • Give yourself permission to fail; it’s the path to success.
  • Groove your mind for success through envisioning it.
  • Learn to pay attention.
  • Make thinking time.
  • Use a personal wiki to organize your knowledge and learn...

Questions to ask yourself to challenge your intuition:

  • How do you know?
  • Says who?
  • How specifically?
  • How does what I’m doing cause you to…?
  • Compared to what or whom?
  • Does it always happen?
  • ...

The planning is more important than the plan.

Just because your plan is likely to change doesn’t mean planning isn’t valuable.

  • Survey: Scan the table of contents and chapter summaries for an overview.
  • Question: Note any questions you have.
  • Read: Read in its entirety.
  • Recite: Summarize, take notes, and put in your own words.

If you can’t think of three ways a plan can go wrong or three different solution to a problem, then you haven’t thought about it hard enough.

  • You can’t just rely on a good teacher. A teacher doesn’t just teach, a student must also do the learning, and you must know how to learn effectively.
  • Uncorrected problems that you’re aware of only get worse. Fix them as soon as possible.

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System thinking is being able to examine and analyze ourselves and things around us with the express purpose of being able to improve upon them.



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Thinking With Data is not about how to do data analysis but about first working out what the problem is that you're trying to solve.



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