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8 Simple But Effective Mood Boosters

8 Simple But Effective Mood Boosters



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Take three deep breaths

  • Breathe in through your nose, as deeply as you can.
  • Fill your belly first — feel it expand — then your chest.
  • Finally, with the last little inhale, feel your collarbones lift.
  • Hold it for an instant, then let it all out through your nose.
  • Almost done. Now use ...

If you’re compelled to make a new to-do list, keep it short. No more than one or two things that can be knocked off today.

Get them done. Pat yourself on the back and have a cookie. Then forget about to-dos until tomorrow. Repeat.

If you’re feeling stressed or depressed or just blah, dig deep into your mind to figure out what’s behind it.

The key to any successful stress-reduction strategy is to first figure out what’s bugging you. Is there a single cause? Great! But often there isn’t anything specific, which in...

Doesn’t matter what you actually do. A long, hot bath. A totally aimless walk around the neighborhood. Lunch in the park. Visit a friend. Take a nap. Read a book.

Whatever it is, don’t involve your phone, computer, or any other communication device. Turn them off, check out for a stretc...

We humans are often unaware of the positive effect we can have on another person by simply recognizing their existence, perhaps offering a smile or a kind word, and how good such acts are for our own mood.

Wave to a neighbor you usually ignore. Compliment the bagger at the grocery chec...

Loneliness is one of the biggest hurdles to our collective mental health and well-being, now more than ever. And each of us, lonely or not, craves social connection.

So, think of someone you care about who hasn’t heard from you in a while, and send them a short note. Just say hello and...

Doesn’t matter if you walk or just sit, do some gardening, or merely ponder your existence. It’s well established that spending more time outside will improve your mood, especially if you can find some green space.

As an added benefit, natural daylight triggers chemi...

We are all creatures of habit, and a lot of our habits suck. Changing them is hard. One great trick is to piggyback a new habit onto an existing one.

First, come up with something easy that you think you could manage every day. Now stack that new behavior onto somethi...

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