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Because we all get headaches sometimes


8 Things Neurologists Do When They Have A Headache

8 Things Neurologists Do When They Have A Headache



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Headache Defined

Worldwide, headache disorders are considered one of the most common — yet under-treated — disorders of the nervous system.

“Headache is any pain affecting the head, upper face or upper neck. Headaches are called


Migraine-induced headaches cause additional symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, fatigue, visual disturbances and more.

According to Dr. Kaniecki, people may also exp...

A Calming Space Or A Relaxing Distraction

1. Find a Quiet, Calming Space

“If I have a headache, I rest or lie down for as long as I can, and it doesn’t depend on the time of day..With migraines in particular, people usually find that they have to lie down in a quiet, dark room.”


3. Find Out Your Headache Triggers

Understanding your headache triggers can serve as both a preventative and in-the-moment approach to address the pain.

“Most of my migraine attacks are visually triggered or are triggered whe...

More Headache Triggers

Sleep disturbances is also a common headache trigger. Contrary to what most believe that headaches are caused by a lack of sleep but Dr. Begeti explained that sticking to a consistent sleep schedule may be more important than the length of sleep you get every night.

“This i...

Dehydration Headache

As crazy as it sounds some headaches can be relieved by simply drinking some water. This is call a dehydration headache. This happens to some people when they don’t drink enough water.

More scientific research needs to be done to prove with certainty that dehydration causes...

Symptoms of Dehydration Headaches

The medical community however does have a formal classification for hangover headaches, which are partially caused by dehydration.

Some of the known symptoms of dehydration headache (reported by research respondents) are:

  • pulsating ache on both sides of the head (like in h...

4. Hydrate

Since it is a dehydration headache it only makes sense that it can be remedied by drinking water.

Kristina Lopez, an assistant professor at the West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and headache specialist, said that her headaches are typically a signifier that she nee...

5. To Drink Coffee and NOT to Drink Too Much Coffee

Believe it or not caffeine can actually be a headache remedy. According to Dr. Brandes drinking a cup of coffee is the first step she takes when combatting a migraine attack, followed by drinking a glass of water and taking medication.

Caffeine causes blood vessels to narrow and rest...

6. Eat smaller meals throughout the day

A personal tip from Dr. Kanieki is to break snacks and meals into 5 to 6 portions throughout the day.

Low blood sugar may exacerbate headache pain and migraine symptoms. Try swapping up your meal times or breaking down bigger meals into smaller parts that you eat int...

7. Take Pain Relievers When Needed

Depending on the severity of her headache, Dr. Begeti will take Over-The-Counter(OTC) pain relievers like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aka NSAIDs) or acetaminophen. However, be sure to keep track of the number of pain relievers you take: Dr. Begeti limits her monthly intake of OTC pa...

8. More Severe Pain Warrants a Trip To a Neurologist

If you are experiencing more severe pain or symptoms, it may be worth a trip to the neurologist to see if you could benefit from prescription medication and to make sure that your headache is nothing to worry about.

Some Headaches Arent Linked to Lifestyle or Environmental Factor

“Sometimes there are no notable triggers to headaches.. A big part of why people get headaches is due to genetics, and I see headaches that run in families.” -- Dr. Begeti

Headache pain can range from mild to debilitating. Try these neurologist-approved strategies until you find what works...

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Headaches have become a regular occurrence for students and many of them feel vulnerable when dealing with this problem. Here are some steps you can take to avoid it!✨



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