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I am very much guilty of binge watching a tv show in one sitting 😑. I even have this special segment on my IG stories of #SeriesReviewNobodyAsksFor where I must say a lot rely on it if it was binge worthy. But now I am slowly rebuilding my reading habits and I am so glad I found deepstash.


What happens in your brain when you binge-watch a TV show

What happens in your brain when you binge-watch a TV show



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Increase in Dopamine

When you binge your favorite TV show, your brain continue to produce more dopamine and you experience a drug-like high. It was like a pseudo-addiction” .

Connection With The Characters

We get drawn to the lives of the characters portrayed on the show that also fuels our binge watching experience.

2 types of Character Involvement:

  1. Identification - it is when we see ourselves to the characters portaying in a show.
  2. ...

Temporary Escape

Binge watching can be a stress reliever after our work shift. It’s like a wall that blocks our brain from dwelling about an unfinished to-do list and other stressors that you wanted to stop thinking for a while.

Foster Relationships

Because you watched the same tv show, you finally have this “sense of belongingness”. You felt that you were part of a small community where you can connect with and have an in-depth discussion of the show.

“Starving To death Emotionally

We substitute the virtual connection with the characters and disconnecting to the human interaction.


  1. Set a time-limit and number of episodes that you will spend watching for the day/night.
  2. Balance your binge with other activities. After the time-limit and episodes you set, go out with your friends and talked about the scenes you liked the most.

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