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Rekindling Your Lost Joy Is Not As Difficult As You Think

Rekindling Your Lost Joy Is Not As Difficult As You Think

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Read What Interests You

Read What Interests You

  • Read in different genre. This will add some fun and flavor to your reading experience.
  • Don’t always follow the crowd. You dont have to read that book because everyone is reading it.


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Read At Least An Hour Every Week

Read At Least An Hour Every Week

Researchers studied that there are several effects of reading:

  • reading just 6 minutes a day slows down your heart rate and make you feel relaxed.
  • reading for 30 minutes a week will make you feel 20% satisfied in life.
  • 30 minutes of reading is as effecting as 30 minutes of yoga.
  • reading can increase your life expectacy by 2 years!


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Try Reading Challenge 📚

Try Reading Challenge 📚

Challenges are one of our biggest motivators. When you challenged yourself to read a number of books a year, you’re hyped to finished (or even surpassed) the task! 😉


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You Can’t Connect With Everything You Read

You Can’t Connect With Everything You Read

Learn to let go of a book that doesn’t resonate with you. If you don’t find yourself hooked by reading about one-third of the book, chances are, you’ll never gonna finish it anyway.


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Go To Page 69

Go To Page 69

Try the advice from the book “How to Read a Novel” by John Sutherland:

“Read the 69th page of any book and if you find the page captivating, then read the book; else, drop it, as the odds are you’ll not like it.


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read so your brain won't shrink 🤓


Reading enrich your mind and soul 📚

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