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Belief perseverance: why we cling on to old ideas

Belief perseverance: why we cling on to old ideas


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Belief Perseverance: The Premise

Our beliefs can help us navigate the world around us. However, when our beliefs do not line up with reality, they can cause harm to ourselves and others.

Also, these beliefs can become so deeply ingrained that they become very challenging to unlearn, even when presented with new informati...

Our beliefs about ourselves, others, and how the world works come from many places. In part, formal instruction and education inform our belief systems.

The ideas we hold about ourselves and others also come from our experiences interacting with the world and secondary sources like the me...

Three Types of Belief Perseverance

  1. First, self-impressions, which are beliefs about yourself, such as “beliefs about your athletic skills, musical talents, ability to get along with others, or even body image.”
  2. The second involves social impressions, which are beliefs about specific other people, s...

The Impact of Belief Perseverance

If we cling to false beliefs, we risk causing harm to ourselves and those around us. Some of the adverse effects:

  • People with negative belief perseverance about their social abilities may avoid interpersonal interactions, resulting in mental disorders.
  • Employees with belief per...

The only way to somehow manage belief perseverance is to become aware of it.

The next step is to increase your self-awareness about your beliefs and where they come from. If you want to increase your self-awareness and challenge your beliefs about yourself and others,

Our minds are prone to cognitive biases that may discord the way we consider these questions. Our need for coherence, combined with cognitive biases, make it very difficult to unlearn our false beliefs. Trusted friends or colleagues can help jog your memory to moderate the availability bias, the ...

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