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Short Summary:

Short Summary:

  1. The Psychology of Achievement: Skill requires talent and effort, and Achievement requires skill and effort.
  2. Grit and Goal Structures: Have a top-level goal (or “ultimate concern”).
  3. The Power of Passion and Practice: Embrace long-term deliberate practice, and Work on weaknesses
  4. The Guiding Light of Purpose and Hope: Be an optimistic self-improver.
  5. Creating Grit from the Outside In: Grit can be cultivated in our external environment, via parents and role models, extra-curricular activities, and teams and cultures.


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What Is Grit?

What Is Grit?

  • Grit is the combination of passion (a deep, enduring knowledge of what you want) and perseverance (hard work and resilience).
  •  It’s about moving in a direction with consistency and endurance, like having a clear inner compass that guides all your decisions and actions.
  • Grit = Passion + Perseverance


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Why Grit Is Important?

Why Grit Is Important?

  • Effort (which is sustained by grit) is doubly important. 
  •  You must put in effort to hone your natural talents into tangible skills through practice and improvement.
  • You must also put in effort to apply those skills to solve real-world problems to attain achievement.
  • Talent x Effort = Skill
  • Skill x Effort = Achievement


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Developing Grit:

Developing Grit:

  • INTEREST: Loving what you do.
  • PRACTICE: Focusing on improvement no matter what.
  • PURPOSE: Believing strongly that your work matters to yourself and to others.
  • HOPE: Works hand-in-hand with all 3 components above to determine how you respond to failures—if you get up and keep going, or stay down and be defeated.


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• Our interests, passions and calling are not inborn; they’re cultivated over time.

• Grit paragons don’t suddenly discover their passion in a magical, fireworks-filled moment. Instead, they spend years exploring different interests before focusing on one area.

• As they practice and hone their skills, they also develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their craft until it becomes a burning passion.


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Discovering your Interests:

Discovering your Interests:

• Spend time to explore and discover your interest.

• Deep interest emerges with time, and comes from a blend of age, real-life triggers, a period of interest development and support from others.


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Deepening Through Practice:

Deepening Through Practice:

  1. Break down the steps/components of deliberate practice.
  2. Examine the difference/relationship between deliberate practice and flow (a high-performance state coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)
  3. Explain how you can increase your rate of learning significantly.


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Developing a Sense of Purpose:

Developing a Sense of Purpose:

  • Purpose is “the intention to contribute to the well-being of others”.
  • Both gritty and non-gritty people seek short-term pleasures, but gritty people are drastically more likely to also seek to contribute to others.
  • They usually spend years developing their skills and interest, before they discover their purpose later in life. 


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Nurturing Hope:

Nurturing Hope:

Hope is “the expectation that our own efforts can improve our future”. It helps us to persevere; it gives us the strength to get up each time we fall and to keep going.


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