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How to talk to your boss about having too much work

How to talk to your boss about having too much work


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Feeling overwhelmed with your workload

Working from home often means that supervisors don't know how hard their team works. As a result, you may feel overwhelmed with the tasks that are loaded on your plate.

Don't assume you are supposed to feel overwhelmed. You should be able to speak to your team leader about your workload. Ho...

Document your tasks

You can't just say that you have too much work. You need to be specific.

Create a clear list of everything on your to-do list, due dates, and estimates of how long it will actually take to complete those tasks. This list will help understand the workload and what trade-offs would need to be...

Analyse your workflow

When you document your tasks, be clear about where requests come from and to whom you are passing your completed work.

Your boss may be unaware of how many people add things to your to-do list. The information can help in deciding which people should be able to give you assignments and how ...

If you are already working efficiently, you'll have to determine which tasks will get done and which ones need to be passed on or left for now.

Consider what work you would prioritise if you could decide what to do. Then, write down your justification and bring that information to the meeti...

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