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What to do when your performance review makes no sense

What to do when your performance review makes no sense



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When you disagree with the feedback from your manager

Here's what NOT to do if you get some feedback from your manager that you disagree with:

  1. First, don’t completely dismiss or discount the feedback, saying something like, “that’s just wrong” or “absolutely not.”
  2. Second, don’t become combative, s...

If you get nonspecific, not clear feedback like, “you’re not being proactive enough” you’re going to need to dig a bit.

  • Make a request such as, “can you share with me a specific example of when you think I could have been more proactive?”
  • Or you can even say, “I ...

If you’re finding yourself experiencing some challenging emotions that feel hard to manage, or if you notice that you’re having a tough time processing and responding, slow the process down.

  • One way to do that is by looping—repeating back what you hear the other person say. It also se...

As much as you may find little merit in your manager’s feedback, look for any areas of agreement—no matter how small.

For example, if your boss gives you the feedback that you’re not following up with prospects quickly enough, and you think you’re doing it as fast as y...

Ask yourself this: “If I had to admit that 2% of the feedback were true, what 2% would it be?”. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on the overall feedback, and look for parts of it where maybe (just maybe) you can see yourself in there.

For example, if your boss...

 If, after your conversation, your manager backs down because you helped them see it your way, congratulations. And, in the likely event that this doesn’t happen, make a plan with your manager for you to try the new or different approach—but to check back in soon about how it’s going.

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